• The Rover reached the destination

  • The Rover "Curiosity has achieved the main goal of their mission - mountain Aolida in the center of Gale crater and is preparing for its drilling. reported on Thursday, September 11, on the NASA site.

    "Curiosity", as stated by the Director of the Department of planetology NASA Jim green, "opened a new Chapter in the study of the red planet. Research the Rover will begin with a lower slope of the mountain, where we will take soil samples. The mission will begin next week.

    Mount Aolida aroused great interest among scientists from the point of view of the study of new species that can be helpful in making representations about the geological structure Mars, said green.

    The Rover landed on the surface of the red planet in Gale crater in August 2012. Since then the device has been studying radiation, atmosphere, rocks and climate of Mars.

    The main objective of the mission of the unit lies in the detection of potentially or historically favorable conditions for life on Mars. As a result of work "Curiosity" scientists have found that earlier on Mars existed favorable for simple organisms living conditions.

    The Rover is an Autonomous self-propelled physico-chemical laboratory, able to work in the conditions of the Martian climate. Mass does not exceed 900 kg (equivalent to about 340 kilograms in the conditions of the Martian gravity), its size: 3,1×2,7×2.1 meters, as an energy source device uses a radioisotope thermoelectric generator, which with the help of a thermogenerator converts into electricity thermal energy released by the decay of plutonium-238.


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