• Mark Ruffalo asked in the "Star wars"

  • Hollywood actor mark Ruffalo ("the Island of the damned", "the Avengers", "the Illusion of deception") sent an email to the Director of the eighth episode of "Star wars" Ryan Johnson ("Loop time") with a request for him to leave some role in the film. About Ruffalo said in an interview with Collider.

    The actor recalled that shot Johnson in the film "the Brothers bloom". "After all these years, I wrote to him: "Ryan, accept my congratulations on all that you do. By the way, if there is at least some role in "Star wars", please think about it, can I join you"," said Ruffalo.

    He also noted that perhaps will even agree to participate in a small scene, because it just likes to hang out with Ryan".

    "Star wars: Episode VIII" is the second movie of the trilogy, the sequel. Currently the seventh episode takes Director J. J. Abrams. The release films in theaters is scheduled for December 18, 2015. Shooting the eighth episode will start no earlier than 2015. The last film, Star Wars. Episode III: revenge of the Sith"came out in 2005.


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