• Liberian stadium moving to the centre for combating Case

  • The international football Federation (FIFA) has announced that the largest stadium in the capital of Liberia is Monrovia will be transformed into the centre for the struggle against the deadly virus Ebola. It is reported by the French newspaper L'equipe.

    Within the football arena specialists deployed two laboratories, which will study the dangerous virus. The stadium also will be equipped with facilities for hospitals, where patients can receive needed assistance. Back in July because of the dangerous diseases in the country has canceled all football events.

    The Ebola outbreak began in February of this year in Guinea, later, the virus has spread to neighboring Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. At the end of August it became known that a dangerous disease reached the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Senegal. According to who, the fever has died 2097 people registered 3944 cases.


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