• Crimean military dolphins entered the service in the Russian army

  • Crimean state aquarium, which trains military dolphins, became subordinate to the Ministry of defense of Russia. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the acting Governor of Sevastopol Sergei meniailo. Animals will be working on new programs for the Navy.

    In addition, according to him, four dolphins from the aquarium, who previously worked as a program of child care were transferred to the centers of the Dolphin therapy. "They help children in the treatment of these complex diseases, such as cerebral palsy, mental disorders and psychological stress," said meniailo.

    Training combat marine animals actively carried out in the Crimea in the Soviet Union, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union was interrupted and resumed in 2012. Prior to joining the Peninsula to Russia, the dolphins were coached by Soviet programs for the naval forces of Ukraine.


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