• The largest predatory dinosaur was the fruit of the evolutionary experiment

  • Well-preserved fossils has allowed paleontologists to understand the anatomy and lifestyle spinosaur (Spinosaurus aegyptiacus) is the largest carnivorous lizard (15 meters long), superior to t-Rex and gigantosaurus. A new study presented in the journal Science.

    Lived spinosaur in the Cretaceous period on the territory of modern North Africa. The remains of dinosaurs for the first time found a German paleontologist Ernst Stromer in 1915, however, during a RAID by British aircraft at Munich in 1944 local paleontological Museum, where they were stored was destroyed. Nizar Ibrahim (Nizar Ibrahim) and his colleagues have created a three-dimensional digital model of a lizard on the basis of relatively complete skeletons found in geological formations Someone Who in Morocco: skull, spine, pelvic girdle, lower extremities.

    Scientists say that Spinosaurus aegyptiacus led semi-aquatic lifestyle, like some crocodiles. For this reason, his anatomy was largely unusual for dinosaur: nostrils moved to the middle of the skull (not to dive under the water), a huge conical teeth left in the front part of the muzzle (it helped to catch the fish), the center of gravity is shifted forward, which spinosaurus it was difficult to walk and to swim easily. First of cetaceans, small hips and muscular thighs helped the lizard to swim, and the wide webbed paws were not adapted for walking on land, and to move through the mud (on four legs) and paddling in the water.

    Finally, the characteristic "sail" on the back of a dinosaur was covered with skin and was visible to all, even when spinosaur immersed in water. Paleontologists suggest that he served a decorative function (attracted to individuals of the opposite sex) and have not played any role in thermoregulation.

    Although in the movie "Jurassic Park III" spinosaur wins a t-Rex, these dinosaurs lived in different times on different continents. Ate these dinosaurs sharks, pilosulae rays and deacetylase fish. The transition to such food, and generally to sambodromo the way for the dinosaurs was something exceptional and spinosaurus were rare evolutionary experiment, the scientists.


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