• The tuple Prince Harry got in a car accident in London

  • The tuple Prince Harry got in a car accident in Central London, reports The Telegraph. The accident occurred the morning of September 11, close to the city zoo, when one of the police motorcycle collided with a taxi. The incident affected the taxi driver and the motorcyclist tuple.

    After a collision, the rider flew about thirty feet, and the driver of a Toyota Prius was trapped in the cabin of the car. To get it, rescuers had to cut the roof of the vehicle.

    According to eyewitnesses, the tuple Prince was moving at high speed. Harry was in the SUV Range Rover. After an accident, the car of the Prince, for security reasons, drove a few hundred meters.

    It is noted that Harry was shocked and tried to make sure that the participants of the accident all right.

    The victims were taken to the hospital, their condition is not specified. Police launched an investigation.


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