• Conchita Wurst will sing before the European Parliament in Brussels

  • Conchita Wurst will sing before the European Parliament in Brussels, EU Observer reports. The performance of the Austrian bearded sensation of "Eurovision-2014" will last one hour and will be dedicated to the fight against discrimination. The event is organized by representatives of the five factions in the legislative Assembly of the European Union.

    "The excellent signal to openness and tolerance, which was filed by the peoples of Europe, giving their votes Have the Wurst, you need to pass on, creating social and legislative framework, allowing everyone to live and love as they like, without fear of consequences," said Ulrike of Lunacek, MEP from the Austrian "green". Lunacek is part of the parliamentary Committee on LGBT rights and advocates for the introduction of special rights and privileges for the representatives of sexual minorities.

    Bearded Latin singer Conchita Wurst - stage image Austrian singer Thomas Neuwirth, invented as a statement in defense of tolerance and rejection of traditional gender roles. In the image Conchita he managed to win the song contest "Eurovision 2014 song "Rise Like a Phoenix".


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