• China spoke about a new export tank

  • The Chinese Corporation Norinco revealed some details about the new main battle tank MBT-3000 offered for export. As reported Jane's, we are talking about the new version of the tank, also denoted as VT-4. From the basic version advanced machine differs composite armour front side and side curtains, also made of composite material.

    Shutters protecting the undercarriage, factory fitted with mountings for dynamic protection. Improved version of the MBT-3000 also received remotely-controlled turret with a machine gun of 12.7 mm. It is designed to destroy ground targets and low-flying air targets. To control the turret can only commander. In order to VT-4 can be installed active protective system GL-5.

    The tank is equipped with smoothbore gun caliber 125 mm with ejector is shifted slightly from the center closer to the exit of the barrel. The insulating casing, the barrel does not have. The weapon is equipped with automatic loading system horizontal type with sequential feeding of the projectile and propellant charge. According to Norinco, the machine has a fully digital fire control system.

    In the Chinese Corporation announced that the new MBT-3000 is the most powerful of all the tanks offered by China for export. The first version of the VT-4 was introduced in June 2012 in Paris at the exhibition of arms and military equipment operations. In addition to the MBT-3000 Norinco also offers export main battle tanks MBT-2000 and VT2 mass 48 and 42 tons, respectively.


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