• Canadians have presented the project "intelligent" machine

  • The Agency defence research and development Canada Defence Research and Development Canada, DRDC) in conjunction with the canadian division of Colt introduced the draft unified modular machine for the armed forces. reports the press service of the DRDC.

    The prototype is being developed since 2009 in the framework of the project SIPES (Soldier Integrated Precision Effects Systems) and includes the actual machine, compatible with NATO standards, as well as additional module - nastolnyy grenade launcher caliber of 40 mm or shotgun 12-gauge. The total weight of the equipped machine with a grenade launcher, as noted, will be less than the standard canadian army rifle C7, equipped with under-barrel grenade launcher M203 (C7 c full magazine and grenade launcher weighs 4.26 deaths / kg). Low weight was achieved including through the use of polymers.

    One of the most important features of the new canadian machine - the use of so-called "smart" electronics. It is including the electro-optical sights and sensors the position of the target, which can provide information about the opponent (for example, other fighters and commanders). In the demo it is noted that the capabilities of the implemented technology is comparable with the products of the company TrackingPoint, producing a "smart" rifle scopes for hunting rifles.

    According to Lieutenant Colonel in the canadian army Serge Lapointe referenced in the press service of DRDC, the machine is versatile and suitable for use in an urban environment, the mountains, the jungle, the desert or the Arctic. The machine has passed a series of tests, during which great attention was paid to the ergonomics of the weapon.

    The completion of the development of advanced machine and its adoption is not specified.

    Colt Canada produces several lines of automatic rifles, including the regular C7, standing on the arms of the canadian armed forces. Serially machines in the layout of the bullpup (with the location of the store behind the pistol grip), the company still has not released.


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