• Iran has unveiled a new fighter

  • Iran on Monday, March 9, has introduced a new generation of fighters Saeqeh (other writing - Saeghe) of its own design. According to Mehr.

    According to Jane's, Saeqeh-2 was developed on the basis of double training-combat fighter F-5F Tiger II production American company Northrop. Fundamentally Iranian development differs from the original, not specified. The predecessor of the new fighter - Saeqeh - created on the basis of a single F-5E Tiger II.

    Earlier it was reported about the plans of the Iranian military to establish full-scale production of fighters collection Saeqeh. According to Jane's, this is due to the economic embargo against Tehran, which prevents the purchase of fighter jets from abroad.

    Armed Iranian air force, according to Flightglobal MiliCAS, there are 25 F-5E/Saeqeh and 21 F-5B/F, some of which in the future may be made Saeqeh-2. Jane's estimates the number of F-5F in 17 units.

    F-5E/F was developed in the early 1970's. The plane speeds up to 1700 kilometers per hour and can travel up to 1400 km. The armament is two 20-mm guns M39A2 revolving type. On the seven points of suspension, the plane can carry both managed and unmanaged missiles of various types, aerial bombs, and cannon containers.


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