• The head of Roskomnadzor thought Yandex innocent to issue anti-Russian materials

  • The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov believes innocent Ukrainian version of "Yandex" in the emergence of anti-Russian materials in the search results. This is stated in the report of the office.

    "Not the fault of the search engines, which in the conditions of information war, which revolves around the dramatic events in Ukraine, Ukrainian Russian-speaking segment of the Internet appear organized anti - Russian materials," Zharov said.

    "Yandex ─ this is primarily a search engine that automatically processes all the information contained in the Internet, and generates search results for user queries based on certain algorithms. Surfing the web online search engine gives you the information you are looking for," said the head of Roskomnadzor.

    According to him, if the materials released in SERPs, contain signs of extremism (as, for example, groups and pages nationalist organization "Right sector" in social networks), Roskomnadzor based on the requirements of the attorney General or his deputies include the web page in the appropriate register. After that achieves the removal of illegal information or restrict access to it through Telecom operators.

    "But our concerns are always addressed to the sites originals, and not the search engine. If we detect signs of malicious manipulation of search results from one or another popular search engine, we will respond," ─ clarified the head of Department.

    In early September, the Ukrainian version of the search engine "Yandex" news section gave users information anti-Russian. In particular, the news section contains notes and articles containing attacks against Russia. Some news has been said about the Russian aggression, the Russian army in the East of Ukraine, etc.


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