• Football club "Chelsea" will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Christmas truce

  • At Christmas 1914 (24 and 25 December) in many parts of the Western front soldiers stopped the war to celebrate the holiday. When stopped whistling bullets and tear shells, recent opponents met on neutral ground, turned into a football field. One hundred years later Chelsea remembers those who never returned from the fields of the First world war. . One hundred years later the football club "Chelsea" remember those who never returned from the battlefields of the First world war.

    Tomorrow Chelsea London West ham at home arena, "blue", as reported by official website of the club, will begin with a minute's applause in memory of all those who died in the First world war. On the podium Matthew Harding will be posted the banner "Chelsea remembers".

    The names of all the players Chelsea and West ham, who died in the First world, will be displayed on the screens of the stadium Stamford bridge. In the program memory will be the story of the striker Chelsea Viviane the Woodward (Vivian Woodward), who went on to serve as a volunteer in the football battalion of the British army in France and received while fighting numerous injuries that interrupted the career of the player.

    It is not the first experience of club associated with the centennial of the beginning of WWI. Previously the club has already participated in the program English Premier League (EPL) "Football remembers", organizing for children literary seminar based on the book by Tom Palmer on another player Chelsea were the famous "football battalion" - Jack Koke. By the way, Kok is one of only two players in the club, scoring the first 10 goals for the "blue" faster Diego Costa.

    In may of this year in one of the programs dedicated to the veterans pensioners Chelsea First world war took Eden Hazard. And children team Chelsea (up to 12 years old) has already won the trophy of the Christmas truce Tournament in Belgium Ieper.

    The Chelsea players who died in the First world war:

    Robert Atherton - died October 19, 1917
    George Kennedy - died November 16, 1917
    George Lake - died November 16, 1918
    Philip Smith - died September 29, 1918
    Robert Whiting - died 28 apers 1917
    Arthur Oilman - died April 28, 1918
    Norman Wood - died July 28, 1916

    After 17 rounds Chelsea with 42 points occupies the first place in the Premier League, ahead by 3 points Manchester city and 10 points "Manchester United". In the Champions League team josé Morinj left in the playoffs, and the League Cup will play in the semi-finals.


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