• Photo Japanese porn star appeared on the cover of the textbook of mathematics

  • Two thousand books with a picture of a porn star on the cover were withdrawn from education institutions of Thailand, according to the website of the Ministry of education of the country.

    The company is the publisher explained the appearance of the book cover actress adult movies that illustrators were looking for pictures for a tutorial on the Internet, it does not specify who exactly is on them. Ministry officials said that the cover was a picture of a Japanese porn star.

    General circulation amounted to three thousand copies, two of which were sent to ten colleges throughout Thailand. Representatives of the Ministry said that the textbooks will be soon replaced by the similar with redesigned cover.

    The Ministry of education has mandated all textbooks to refrain from using random pictures from the Internet on the covers and use for illustration only own drawings or pictures.

    In early September 2014 in Ekaterinburg were found school diaries, on one of the pages which had a photo of Adolf Hitler. The image of the Fuhrer was accompanied by a brief reference information.


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