• James Franco shields book Palahniuk

  • Film actor James Franco, known for the films "spider-Man", "Harvey milk" and "Oz: the Great and Terrible"bought the rights for the film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's novel "the rant: a biography of Baxter Casey". It is reported by Slash Film.

    The details of the casting and the estimated release date of the film will be known soon. "After working with brad pitt, Edward Norton and Sam Rockwell I could not imagine a more impressive actor for cooperation than Franco," said Palahniuk.

    Roman "rant: the biography of Baxter Casey" was published in 2007. The main character (Baxter), nicknamed the rant has a unique flair, which allows him special taste and smell. The inhabitants of his native town disliked it because of the strange addictions and inventions. Palahniuk has previously indicated that "rant" is the first book in the planned trilogy.


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