• Shotgun saiga equipped with a silencer

  • The American company SilencerCo has developed muzzle adapter for shotguns type "saiga-12" and "boar", allows you to install on the trunk of the instrument silent and flashless (muffler). The adapter can buy on the company's website for $ 120.

    As shown in the ad the roller, the adapter is screwed on the barrel of the shotgun. After that, the weapon can be mounted muffler SALVO-12 from SilencerCo. The cost SALVO-12 - 1400 dollars.

    SALVO-12 is designed for 12 gauge (diameter 18.5 mm) and reduces the sound level from shot to 136,8 decibels. The device is made of steel and aluminum, weighs 978 grams and reaches 30.5 cm) in length.

    In Russia, the use of devices noiseless and flameless shooting civilians is prohibited.


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