• The house is a resident of Denmark attacked more than 200 bats

  • More than 200 bats entered the house Helle, Triggerman (Helle Tryggedson) in Denmark, The Local reports. The incident occurred in the outskirts of Aarhus. The woman told that the mouse climbed into the room through a hole in the roof of the building.

    Local officials refused to move the animals from the premises, referring to the fact that bats in Denmark are protected species. After that, the woman appealed to the Danish Agency for nature (Danish Nature Agency). Consultant Agency stated that bats should be left alone, as they are forbidden to kill or expel.

    However, the Agency has equipped the gap in the roof of the house special plastic bags that will allow bats to leave the building, but will not fly back.

    Triggerman expressed hope that the roof is no longer there new holes. "I just want them gone. When the bat celebrates itself on Windows, I don't think they are particularly beautiful," said the woman.


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