• Journalists struck by a wooden block for 17 thousand rubles

  • Chief editor of the Afisha Daily Ekaterina Dementieva drew attention to the cost of the benches were made of wooden timber, which brought in its news feed algorithm Facebook.

    In the comments to the post Dementieva users discuss "from a Russian forest, this bar," and note that finally found a way to grow rich easily. "The money is here, hanging in the air, and we go to work," said one of the friends of the editor.

    In fact, the beam is only modeled by the tree, and actually made of plastic. On appearance it seems small, but it is 120 cm length and 30 in width. Implementing a product platform is a fashion store fakes that supply the furniture for the program "Housing problem", says one of the friends of the journalist.

    Subscribers Dementieva also drew attention to other ridiculously overpriced items. So, users seem strange that for much less overall wood block in another store asking more than 23 thousand rubles.

    I remembered another case where the construction material was trying to sell for an incredibly high price. In September, eBay bought the red clay bricks designer Supreme for thousands of dollars apiece.


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