• The inhabitant of the Nizhny Novgorod region accused of sexually abusing four children

  • In the Nizhny Novgorod region, investigators completed the investigation of criminal case concerning 25-the summer local resident who is accused of sexually abusing four children. The victim was six to 10 years. On Wednesday, may 17, reported on regional Department of the Investigative Committee (IC).

    "First, he made other actions of sexual nature against a stranger to him six boys and nine girls. After a short time, the young person has committed similar acts against strangers also boys six and 10 years. In both cases, the children got scared and ran away", — stated in the message.

    According to investigators, the crime the man committed in one day — may 24, 2016. The SC explained that the suspect already has a criminal record for committing similar offences against young girls, so, in case of conviction, the sentence will burdened the existing record. During the investigation the accused admitted his guilt in full.

    Now criminal case is directed for consideration in essence.


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