• Norilsk residents put on the street a new refrigerator for the exchange of books

  • Librarians Norilsk has set a new street book a refrigerator, where anyone can put read and share so it with others. About it reported in the Instagram library system of Norilsk.

    The previous "Little free library" contained in the refrigerator "Biryusa", painted Norilsk graffiti artist, stood for a year and a half, but it was the result of Blizzard trauma, incompatible with life. Readers who used her to sponsor the installation of a new book store.

    His design work calligrapher and designer Roman Robishaw. In the near future he promised to share the video of the creation of a new portrait of the refrigerator. Robishaw inflicted on its body numerous quotations from classic works of literature. Located a new "free library" to the address Lenin Avenue, 20A.


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