• Zhirinovsky called the winner on elections of the President of the United States

  • Americans are ready and willing to vote for a Republican Donald trump, however, the media "lying to psychologically prepare the people to the rigging" in favor of a victory of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. His words on Tuesday, November 1, reports kp.ru.

    "Personally, I think trump will win", — said Zhirinovsky.

    According to him, the presidential candidates of the United States are the complete opposite of each other. "Hillary Clinton is the party nomenclature, tested and an excellent candidate. Before her hubby bill was agreed to with the global financial elite, and now his wife. And Donald trump independent, that's it all and lashed out," explained the leader of the liberal democratic party.

    Commenting on the recording, made in 2005, where trump was talking about harassment towards women, Russian politician sided with the Republican. "It's domestic conversations in the men's locker room! Many women also call men bastards, but this is domestic violence, a figure of speech," said he.

    The scandal erupted in early October, when the newspaper the New York Times published evidence of two American women, accused Trama of harassment. After that, a few women caught the billionaire's indecent actions. Trump apologized for his statements, but has warned that it will sue all the women who slandered him. A number of senior Republicans condemned the candidate and withdrew his support.

    The United States presidential election will be held November 8th.


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