• A woman on a nudist beach in Corsica took a bullet in the buttocks because of the refusal to get dressed

  • The owner of a restaurant on one of the beaches of Corsica (France) fired from an air rifle nudists, who often rest in this place. As a result, the woman from Italy was wounded in the thigh, reports on Friday, 11 August, Le Parisien.

    The incident occurred on Wednesday at the beach Cartago in the city of Poro-Wakku, near which is a naturist village. As the newspaper notes, the owner of the establishment approached a group of tourists and asked them either to get dressed or leave. When they refused, he returned with a rifle and started to shoot them.

    After the incident, the local police has filed ten complaints. The restaurant owner was detained, but soon released for lack of evidence. Law enforcement agencies will conduct inspection to find out all the circumstances of the incident.

    Nudism in France are regulated by the authorities. It banned in some places, but on the beach, Cartago to be naked you can, and so travelers there calmly.


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