• Gendarme 45 minutes amused bored at home four-year-old Frenchwoman

  • Bored four-year-old resident of the French city of Beauvais called the emergency services to talk to their staff on the phone. This was reported on the visit of police in the Department of Oise in Facebook.

    The girl was left alone at home March 17, and it out of boredom scored the main emergency number "17". The responding policeman talked with her for 45 minutes before mother of the store to ensure that the child is safe.

    It is clarified that the little French girl was very inquisitive and asked a lot of questions. Her mother was very surprised when I saw that the daughter of long talking on the phone with the policeman.

    Later the house family arrived patrol. The guards decided to make sure that the life and health of the girl threatens nothing. They also reminded the parent that it is dangerous to leave a baby alone even for a short time.

    According to police, the girl enjoyed the conversation and talked with her employee she wanted to repay the gift and the invitation to the birthday party. Did he offer, not reported.

    Last spring two-year-old girl from the USA called the police with a request to help her to put on pants while her mom wasn't home. Officers approached the house to make sure that the child is okay, and helped her in this difficult task.


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