• Zelensky "shot" of deputies

  • The network has unveiled a new teaser for the political Comedy "the servant of the People 2", in which the main role played Vladimir Zelensky. Video published on the official channel of the project on YouTube 1 Nov.

    The video shows a session of the Ukrainian Parliament, which the President Basil Goloborodko (former history teacher). He said that the country needs reforms and the deputies will have to forget about the Maldives and "dons Pregnany". During the vote in Parliament one head of state did not support (or rather one supported, but acknowledged that the accident is not there).

    In the end, the President is angry and a fight begins, it continues until until Goloborodko does not take submachine guns and begins to shoot with two hands on the legislators. At the end of the video appears the inscription: "it's Unanimous! The decision was made".

    The new film will be released on 24 December 2016. It is a continuation of the series "servant of the people", which premiered in November 2015.


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