• The building in the form of a giant cake outraged the authorities of Shanghai

  • The city of Shanghai (China) demanded to dismantle a building in the area of the Bund festive decorations, giving the building a resemblance to a giant sheet cake. This publication reports the Shanghaiist.

    Eight-story building was transformed on Tuesday, November 1. In honor of the anniversary of one of the located in it companies wall covered with panels of pink and white, and the upper floors were decorated with huge red berries.

    The new design of the building was a surprise to the city authorities. They announced that they were building in the shape of rose cake does not fit into the strict colonial architecture of the district and has demanded immediately to bring the building to its original appearance.

    As the newspaper notes, the workers started to dismantle the holiday decorations already on Wednesday evening.

    Earlier it was reported that in Taiwan built glass building in the shape of a crystal shoes of Cinderella. Building height is 16.5 m. Construction lasted two months.


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