• Animal advocates gave missing more than 10 years ago of a cat mistress

  • In the canadian city of Winnipeg, province of Manitoba, the animal returned to the owner of a cat who was lost for more than ten years ago. About it reports UPI.

    The staff of the society for the protection of animals at the Winnipeg Humane Society noticed that a stray cat, which they brought, a tattoo with name, phone and address. It's heavily faded, but they were able to decipher it.

    Pet was lost so long ago that the woman, whose name was listed on the tattoo, had to move, change phone number and get married. However, animal advocates were able to contact her cousin, and that gave information about the discovery.

    The next day the woman came to the nursery. When the cat saw her, then stopped hissing and calmed down. "He sniffed me and suddenly began to RUB against me like I remembered, she said. I'm so happy I got it back".

    In April reported, that the inhabitant of the American city Wanaque, new Jersey, found the cat that ran away over two years ago after seeing his photo on the Internet.


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