• Zakharova called political action at the Russian Embassy in London

  • The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called a rally near the Russian Embassy in the UK part of the political order, "which formed the official London." This opinion was expressed on Friday, November 4, in the channel "Russia-24", reports "Interfax".

    "10 days ago [foreign Minister] Boris Johnson has ordered the civil society in the UK to hold a protest in front of Russian Embassy (...) We understand and now see that all this activity of civil society and NGOs directly controlled by the officials and the government," — said Zakharov.

    In her opinion, the scheme of the demonstration was developed by the British Ministry of foreign Affairs. "At first the signal from the foreign office and, perhaps, other structures, then a week or two to prepare, apparently, sending money, and on the action of people who have no idea whose interests they defend and with what slogans go" — leads her words TASS.

    Earlier on 4 November, the Russian Embassy in London addressed in the British foreign Ministry with a request to investigate the protest, held near the Embassy. Also they were asked to provide security for the mission in the case of new shares.

    On the same day, foreign office said his innocence as to the "small peaceful protest" at the Russian Embassy.

    Thursday, November 3, a group of demonstrators blocked the work of the Embassy. Activists, on t-shirts that read "save Aleppo", chained themselves to the entrance to the consular section and filled up dozens of plastic hands from mannequins.


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