• The detention of 16-year-old Novosibirsk nalicity with the bat came in the video

  • Video of detention of a 16 year old girl, with a friend attacked a family friend in Novosibirsk, appeared in the network. Recording on Tuesday, November 1, publishes the channel "360".

    The girl grabbed the neighbors ran out into the cries of the victims. She was handed over to the police. Her accomplice escaped, but soon was also arrested.

    The attack was carried out on 31 October. Schoolgirl and 16-year-old College student, armed with an axe, a knife and a battried to enter the apartment in the Leninsky district of the city. They inflicted serious injuries of 80-year-old pensioner, 11-year-old boy and 41-year-old woman.

    In fact the incident was a criminal case under articles 30, 105 and 162 of the criminal code ("Attempt at murder of two and more persons interfaced to robbery").


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