• YouTube caught on the locking clips with gay and transgender

  • Popular bloggers on YouTube, representing the LGBT community massively complained about restrictions by the administration of video hosting. It is reported BuzzFeed on Monday, March 20.

    The stories of bloggers, YouTube restricts free access to videos that discuss the problems people with a different sexual orientation, or transgender talk about his reincarnation. Many hope that the removal of the video from public access — a temporary problem because it is unclear how determined the degree of "sensitivity" to those in the rollers.

    Blogger Tyler Oakley (Tyler Oakley), whose life followed more than eight million subscribers, admitted, his video about the black LGBT community for some time is not available in the search due to the limited blocking.

    19 Mar YouTube administration published in Twitter the statement, which said that the platform is proud of authors dedicated to LGBT issues, popular blogs. It was also noted that limiting the filter works in order to hide adult content. However, the company did not explain why filter decided to remove from General search distribution, for example, a speech of transgender.


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