• WhatsApp has apologized for the second major setback in a month

  • WhatsApp has fully resumed work after resolving the problem, where on Wednesday, may 17, users in several parts of the world do not have access to the service. About it reports RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the WhatsApp. It brought users apologies for the inconvenience.

    In some regions of the globe service was unavailable for half an hour, said the Agency interlocutor. Then the problem was fixed.

    "We apologize for the inconvenience", — said the representative of WhatsApp.

    The failure of the popular instant messenger was the second in the current month. After 20:00 MSK, at data service Downdetector, about the problems with WhatsApp have been actively inform users from Europe, North and South America. Less massively responded to the people of Asia and the Middle East.

    In Russia, the service received reports of failure only from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Rostov areas and the Republic of Mari El Republic.

    Previous major crashes of WhatsApp occurred on the night of 4 may and affected countries all over the world. Then users poironizirovat over the incident and jokingly suggested that before the messenger got Russian hackers.


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