• Released a previously unreleased song by Pink Floyd

  • Previously unreleased song by Pink Floyd was broadcasted by BBC 6 Music morning of November 4, according to Pitchfork. Track Vegetable Man was recorded in 1967. The text written by Syd Barrett.

    The song can be streamed at website the radio station, it sounds in the 51st minute of the transmission.

    The official release of Vegetable Man and the other unreleased songs of Pink Floyd will be on the compilation The Early Years 1965-1972, which will consist of 27 discs.

    The box set will go on sale November 11, 2016.

    The main intrigue will be the music for the film by John Latham Speak, which the band recorded in October 1967. She never was used by the Director, and the recording of the eight tracks were unofficially called "the Holy Grail of Pink Floyd" as fans and collectors unsuccessfully searched for her for almost 50 years.

    Pink Floyd — one of the leading experimental groups in the world. Formed in 1965 by Syd Barrett. In the world sold more than 300 million copies of their albums.


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