• Ransomware in the suburbs attacked the businessman with a grenade and an attack dog

  • The police in Moscow arrested four men aged 31 to 49 years suspected of extortion of three million rubles from the businessman. On Monday, July 17 reported press service of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

    To the staff of MU of the MIA of Russia, "Lyubertsy" asked 39-year-old businessman and said that in the Parking lot at one of the houses on Ugreshskaya street he was attacked by intruders. They demanded from him more than three million rubles, threatening with the weapon, a grenade and throws a fighting dog.

    On this fact the police opened a criminal case under article 163 of the criminal code ("Extortion"). During carrying out quickly-search actions suspects were detained, and later, according to the court, taken into custody.

    14 July it was reported about the arrest in Moscow of a false police suspected of extortion at the Muscovite of money for not bringing to administrative responsibility. The victim gave the visitors their two watches worth 300 thousand rubles, but later became suspicious and called the police.


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    • 1:57 pm on Sunday 23rd July 2017  /  Силовые структуры
      The cause of prosecution by Russia of Ukrainian military Prosecutor

      The Investigative Committee of Russia explained the reason of the correspondence arrest of the Prosecutor Department of the Ukrainian Chief military Prosecutor's office Ruslan Kravchenko and the investigator of the Agency Vadim Primacare. Measure them elected due to illegal prosecution of Russian Admiral Alexander Vitko.

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      Military Prosecutor of Ukraine arrested in absentia in Russia

      Basmanny court of Moscow arrested in absentia of the military Prosecutor's office of Ukraine Ruslan Kravchenko and the investigator for particularly important cases of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's office Vadim Primacare. They are accused of attracting obviously innocent to criminal responsibility (part 2 of article 299 of the criminal code).

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      The Pentagon has described Russia as the most powerful of threatening Washington countries

      The Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the Armed forces of the United States Joseph Dunford said that Russia has the greatest potential in the military sphere among all States that pose a threat to Washington. The General noted that "Russia is the most serious threat" from those faced by the United States."

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      The White house expressed support of the bill on the new anti-sanctions

      Press Secretary of the administration of U.S. President Sarah Sanders stated that the White house endorses a bill on new sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran. She stressed that the us administration intends to continue to enter against Moscow stringent measures until the situation in Ukraine is not completely resolved.

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      The head of Rospotrebnadzor complained about expensive condoms

      Member of youth educational forum "Territory meanings on the Klyazma" complained to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova at the high cost of condoms. In response, the official promised to pass the complaint to the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Igor Artemyev.

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      The journalist of the Agency Spitnik came under fire in Mosul

      The correspondent of the Arabic edition of the Agency Sputnik Sarah Noureddine and accompanying military came under fire in the West of the Iraqi city of Mosul. The man suffered five gunshot wounds in the leg, back, and lost a finger. Noureddine received abrasions and bruises. Shots were fired from the school.

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