• Walking bear without a muzzle, a resident of Taganrog was interested in the police

  • In Taganrog police are looking for a local resident who brought the street of a bear without a muzzle. On Sunday, March 19, reports TASS with reference to the Central Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs across the Rostov region.

    Man and his pet took video of passers-by and posted the video online. "In fact the emergence of social networks a video with the man who allegedly walking bear, is checked", — explained the interlocutor of the Agency.

    According to him, militiamen have found out, where was seen the man and the bear, and went to the scene. The guards also intend to figure out how potentially dangerous predator could be in a residential area without a muzzle.

    The video appeared online on March 18. The footage, shot on a green lawn next to an apartment house, the man takes the bear on a leash but without a muzzle. The owner periodically reaches out to the beast in hand, he swings at him with its front paws. The events are watched by several people, some of them make videos.


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