• The Turkish air force by 2018 will have two fifth generation fighter F-35

  • The Ministry of defence of Turkey expected start of deliveries of stealth fighters fifth generation F-35. On Thursday, November 17, announced the Minister Fikri Isik, reports Reuters.

    According to him, by 2018, will be delivered the first two cars. The entire country plans to buy 24 F-35.

    Earlier in August it became known that the air force (air force) US suspended operation ten F-35 due to mechanical defects.Experts have discovered that the insulation in the cooling system of the fuel tanks of the F-35 have been split and began to crumble. This defect was identified in 57 fighters, 15 of them have already been put into service, the rest has not yet left the Assembly line. Disadvantages promised to eliminate during the completion of Assembly and commissioning.3.*

    F-35 Lightning II is a family of promising stealth multirole fighter fifth generation, the development of which since 2001 is engaged in Lockheed Martin on the program "Unified strike fighter" (Joint Strike Fighter, JSF). The fighter must be available in three variants: A (normal force), B (short takeoff and vertical landing for the marine corps) and C (for carrier-based naval aviation).


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