• All passengers crashed in South Sudan plane survived

  • All 44 passengers on Board crashed at the airport in the South Sudanese city of Wau of the aircraft, survived. It is reported portal Airlive.Net.

    Aircraft airline South Supreme Airlines crashed while landing, then caught fire. Anyone who at this point was in the plane, managed to leave before the fire broke out.

    Earlier, on 20 March, the information Minister Gaudensia bona (Bona Gaudensio) reported, that 14 people were injured, they were hospitalized, their life is out of danger.

    The aircraft an-26 South Supreme Airlines have made a local flight from the capital Juba.

    South Supreme Airlines was founded in 2013, its fleet was two Fokker 50 As. In may 2014, the airline began to carry out regular international flights, in particular in the Ugandan city of Entebbe.


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