• Eastern military district reported about the deployment of troops to the border with North Korea

  • No transfer of troops to the border with the DPRK in the South of Primorye is not conducted. This is stated in the press service of the Eastern military district, which is quoted by "Interfax".

    "This pre-planned activities of combat training that have nothing to do with political moments", — commented on the movement of equipment head of the press service of the district Alexander Gordeev.

    According to him, the events associated with the completion of large-scale exercises of the air defense forces in the TRANS-Baikal landfill Telemba. "From there returns to the permanent dislocation of the machinery of defense. Participated including connections to the combined arms army in Primorye," — said Gordeev.

    He also pointed out that recently held a field training of artillery, which ended the exercises with live firing on the range Tsugol in Zabaykalsky Krai, and "there is also equipment back." In addition, from 3 to 29 April, in connection district is the final verification of readiness planned for winter training period. During this test, in particular, made the withdrawal of equipment and personnel and marching.

    Earlier, on April 19-20, a number of domestic and foreign mass-media there were publications about the alleged transfer of Russian troops to the North Korean border. In the publications cited references numerous photos and videos of the columns and trains with military equipment made in the far East.

    Observers have linked the possible activity of the Russian military with the escalation of the situation around the Korean Peninsula.


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