• Armed men in the car tried to break from Ukraine to Belarus

  • The armed men in the car tried to break through the Ukrainian-Belarusian border. On Monday, March 20, reports The state border Committee of Belarus.

    As noted by the Belarusian border guards, on the night of March 20 while trying to break through the checkpoint Aleksandrovka car hit a barrier and drove through the forced stop. "To apprehend the said vehicle by the employees of the border service at a checkpoint has been applied on it personnel weapons", — stated in the message.

    The car was stopped by a task force of merit near the settlement Gavrilovka Gomel region, two were in the car of the person detained, their nationality is not specified. Upon inspection of the vehicle was discovered a TT pistol, two magazines, and also items like explosives and electric detonators. In the car, according to the border guards, could be another man, he is wanted by law enforcement bodies of the Republic of.

    1 March, the interior Ministry of Belarus informed, the list of persons banned entry to the Republic and Russia, there are 300 thousand Ukrainian citizens. Minsk and Moscow ratified an agreement to merge the lists of banned individuals at the end of 2015.


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