• Volodin considered important the support of legislators to develop digital economy

  • Russian legislation must keep pace with the development of the digital economy, otherwise the country will lose its competitive advantage in this area. This statement reports TASS, was made Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in the first session established with the Council speaker of the legislative development of the digital economy.

    "Correctly, so we legislation Chagall at least in pace with the development of the digital economy, then our country will be saved certain preferences," he said.

    According to him, there is a great danger that, if not, conditions will be created for this, then Russia will not be able to produce the product, exporting it to other countries. "We only use what others are creating, and lose advantage, which today we have," he warned.

    Volodin drew attention to the large number of technologies developed by the Russian school of programmers. "It is important all the best to take and keep, and this means to create the conditions", — he stressed.

    The speaker confirmed that the deputies will proceed from the necessity of discussion in the framework of the Council decisions related to the development of the digital economy, prior to their adoption.

    In this regard, Volodin urged the Council members to offer their initiative and explained that they can deal with a variety of segments — medicine, transport, information transfer. "We would be grateful if you have suggestions. Including legislative solutions," he said.

    "For us it is extremely important to the Council including played the role of the expert platform, through which the talkback, on the one hand, to discuss what the state Duma is, and on the other hand, to hear you so we could have your idea finalized in the form of laws", — said the Chairman of the state Duma.


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