• The divers brought the old fighter from the bottom of the lake on the Kola Peninsula

  • Divers of the Northern fleet (NF) was found and brought to the surface 72 years had lain at the bottom of the lake in Murmansk oblast, the American fighter P-39 Airacobra, supplied to the USSR under lend-lease during the great Patriotic war. About it reports TASS with reference to the press service of Sunflora (SF).

    "Operation to survey the seabed in the Northern part of Sukosari, which is located near the main base of the Northern fleet — Severomorsk, began on June 29, it was involved in military divers management of search and rescue works of SF, as well as special diving equipment and a boat with a locator of the side review and a remotely operated underwater vehicle", — said the press service.

    For secure attachment of straps on the body of a fighter had to seek the assistance of the Museum staff, Northern fleet air force, which told in detail about the power of design "Airacobra" and gave recommendations on how to implement lifting the plane so he wouldn't fall apart.

    The fighter was immersed in the bottom mud at a depth of 45 meters. In addition to a large depth, the divers ' work was complicated by poor visibility. Lifting machines used pontoon and truck crane. Then the plane was delivered to the Museum of the air force SF in the village of Safonovo for the solution of the question of the restoration works.


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