• The diver drove the shark Cam

  • The diver, dive off the coast of the Mexican city of Ensenada, managed to scare off a great white shark with his camera. Video of the incident published on YouTube.

    Shot by diver footage shows that a large shark first swam by, but then saw the man abruptly changed direction and rushed to him.

    The author of the video explains that for protection he held the camera in front of the muzzle of the predator until it swam away. In his opinion, due to this he can seem at least edible.

    The white shark is the largest predatory fish on Earth. Representatives of this species feed mainly on small animals and rarely attack humans.

    In October, the white shark attacked the Australian boat of the fisherman. He managed to fend off her broom, the ship left teeth marks. In addition, the shark bit off one of the parts of a motor boat.


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