• In France, the thief stuck in the window of a looted shop

  • French police have detained a thief who got stuck in the store during the robbery. About it reports Associated Press.

    The national gendarmerie of France published in Twitter picture taken by guards, who detained the suspect. "Drunk, robbed the store, but got stuck in the window and was arrested," reads the post, accompanied by the hashtag #ThugLife ("gangster life").

    The incident occurred on Thursday, March 16, in the city Moleon-Lisher in the South-West of the country. The suspect with the hammer was done in the window a small hole and climbed in. He then attempted to leave the store the same way, but managed to get outside only to the waist. To extract a man who found his police needed the help of firefighters.

    In February it was reported, in the UK sentenced a thief who was trying to get into a private home through a window and got stuck with the outside wall at a height of 4.5 meters.


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