• Instead of an astronaut to the ISS sent a 70-pound cargo container

  • To the ISS aboard the "Soyuz MS-04" went a new crew consisting of Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and U.S. astronaut Jack Fischer. Free third place the phone features a 70-pound cargo container. About it reports TASS.

    The launch of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-FG" with the spacecraft "Soyuz MS-04" produced 20 APR 2017 10:13 Moscow time. The flight to the station will be held following a shortened six-hour scheme. To the docking unit of the ISS camera will arrive at 16:22 Moscow time.

    The ISS was supposed to go two Russians, but the Russian space Agency has decided in the spring of 2017 to reduce the number of Russian space station crew from three to two. The Corporation has failed to find someone willing to take the vacant place in the "Soyuz MS-04".

    In the truncated part of the Russian mission should be to work up to docking to the station multipurpose laboratory module Nauka. Until that time, the number of astronauts on the ISS is expected to grow from three to four.

    The launch of the "Science" was scheduled for autumn 2018. Recently it became known, what in the fuel tanks of the module detected the pollution, and all its rubber parts are outdated and do not meet the requirements imposed on them. "Science" is built in 1995, its manufacturer — enterprise "Khrunichev Center", also producing rocket "proton-M". Module after 2024 will close the ISS program, was to become the basis of national Russian station.

    Earlier Vladimir Solntsev, the head of rocket-space Corporation "Energy" producing "Soyuz MS", offered due to wear of the ISS to turn it into a hotel.


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