• The Swedish authorities after ' 71 officially recognized the death of Raoul Wallenberg

  • The Swedish authorities have officially recognized the death of diplomat Raoul Wallenberg in 71 years after his mysterious disappearance. About it reports Associated Press.

    Tax service of the Kingdom, which in the country is responsible for the registration of birth and death, declared him dead. Date of death 31 July 1952 and missing persons declared dead five years after his disappearance, in this case, the reference led from the announced by the authorities of the Soviet Union date of death, which is not officially confirmed.

    Wallenberg disappeared after being arrested by the red Army in 1945. The Soviet Union initially denied that he was imprisoned in the USSR, but in 1957 he recognized that he died of a heart attack in prison on 17 July 1947.

    Some scholars question this version. Citing eyewitness accounts, they claim that Wallenberg was seen alive in Soviet prison camps a few years after the official date of his death.

    Wallenberg, who worked at the Swedish Embassy in Budapest during the Second world war, saved the lives of some 20 thousand Jews from destruction, issuing them Swedish passports.

    26 November 1963 from the Israeli Institute of Holocaust and heroism Yad Vashem awarded Wallenberg honorary title of Righteous among the Nations — the highest recognition of achievements of non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. In some of the largest world capitals, including Moscow Raoul Wallenberg monuments.


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