• The authorities of Odessa has told about the intention to permanently disable population with hot water

  • In Odessa city hall are going to start implementing the programme in the years 2017-2020, providing for the disabling of all the houses of the city from hot water. On Wednesday, may 17, has informed the expert of Department of municipal economy Sergey Sorokin, reports local portal VGORODE.

    According to the publication, the reason for this decision was the loss of the enterprise "Heat supply of Odessa city", which at the end of last year owed 12.5 million UAH (26,6 million). According to specialists, the losses it brings the provision of hot water because the population pay does not cover the costs of the enterprise.

    As noted by Sorokin, after disconnecting the houses from the hot water system to residents of preferential categories by city will install domestic boilers.

    In December 2016 outraged by high tariffs, the residents of Odessa and Odessa region demanded from the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman to pay for utilities receipts. It was reported that more than five thousand citizens of Odessa sent the Prime Minister a letter and copies of your utilities should "Pay yourself!"".

    According to the State statistics service, the debts of Ukrainian utility bills began to rise sharply at the end of 2016 — the beginning of the heating season. So, by the end of October the population of the country owe for heating and hot water 6.1 billion hryvnias for the electric power is 3.2 billion UAH for gas three billion.

    Heating and electricity in Ukraine has risen from 1 may 2015, almost double, hot water — more than half, gas is about three times. Tariffs for housing and communal services continue to periodically rise. Prices for communal services in Ukraine grow in accordance with the requirements of the International monetary Fund (IMF).


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