• The authorities of Evpatoria have predicted a mass migration of Russians in the Crimea

  • The Russians begin to resettle in Crimea after the start of the bridge across the Kerch Strait. On Wednesday, April 19, said the head of Evpatoria Andrei Filonov, reports RIA Novosti.

    According to officials, the Peninsula waiting for the real boom of resettlement. "As soon as the bridge [the Crimean], a huge number of Russians going to realize your dream of living by the sea, to live in the Crimea", — he said at the session of the Crimean Parliament.

    10 April it became known that the construction of Crimean bridge is ahead of schedule. The transport Minister Maxim Sokolov told President Vladimir Putin about the transition of the construction process through the "equator". "Scored more than half of the piles. Here the works are even ahead of schedule", — said the head of Ministry of transport.

    In February it was reported that the builders of the bridge in the Crimea started the second phase of Assembly arch openings — installation of arched vaults. They will be installed with a pontoon lawsystem, which is now made on Sevmorzavod in Sevastopol.

    Kerch Strait bridge should connect the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai. Its total length is 19 miles, he will become the longest in Russia. According to the plan, traffic on it will launch in 2018 and a train in 2019.


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