• The owners of the world's largest pit bull dog was entrusted with the functions of a nanny

  • The owners of the world's largest American pit bull Terrier named Hulk has trust a dog to watch over their newborn son. About it writes Daily Mail.

    Marlon and Lisa Grennan (Marlon, Lisa Grennan) from new Hampshire said that without any doubt and fear leave dog weighing 76 kilograms with a three-month child.

    "There's nothing to that," said the boy's mother, adding that their eldest son was also "brought up" Hulk and other pit bulls who live in a family (number not specified).

    25-summer Grannan also said that the dog loved the child as soon as it was brought home from the hospital. The dog rushes to the crib once the baby starts to cry and starts to lick him. Lisa suggested that the Hulk has learned to look after a newborn, watching as it makes the mistress.

    "He's the perfect defender and babysitter," concluded the woman.

    The couple suggested that if you wish the Hulk would bite the hand of an adult, "like a toothpick". But the dog, according to them, good and well mannered like other family favorites.

    The firm of Grennan, Dark Dynasty K9s, specializiruetsya on the training of the elite guard dogs on the orders of the police, celebrities and billionaires. To a couple of clients from around the world. In an interview, the 28-year-old Marlon Grennan appreciated the Hulk in half a million dollars, explaining that the price is due to its record size, guard skills and a brilliant physical form. The man also said that any of the puppies pit bull sells not less than 30 thousand dollars.

    Grennan got Internet fame in 2015, starting to publish online videos with the Hulk and his other dogs on YouTube. Then users recognized the dog, biggest Pitbull in the world, but this title is not officially confirmed.


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