• The Supreme court warned against mindless attack on extremism for the repost

  • The Supreme court (SC) of Russia does not recommend mindlessly initiate criminal cases on extremism for reposts in social networks. This is stated in the draft of the Plenum of the armed forces, "Kommersant" writes on Thursday, November 3,.

    "Should be based on the totality of all the circumstances of the offense and consider, inter alia, context, form and content of posted information, the availability and content of reviews or other expressions of relationship to it", — the document says.

    In 2015, the convictions for extremist crimes increased by almost two times, six months of 2016 to justice attracted 398 people.

    Sun drew attention to the fact that many people convicted for reposts in social networks, in this case the defendants simply posted information, not expressing their relationship to it, according to RIA Novosti.

    In March 2016 the European court of human rights (ECHR) for the first time asked the Russians who disagree with the punishment, which for him defined the court for the repost record banned in Russia "Right sector". Chelyabinsk blogger and activist Konstantin Zharinov was convicted of the census record group for the six months before its activities are banned in Russia.


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