• Val Kilmer denied reports Michael Douglas about his disease

  • Val Kilmer denied reports Michael Douglas that has cancer of the throat. He told this on their page Facebook Wednesday, November 2,.

    "I love Michael Douglas, but he is misinformed. The last time I saw him almost two years ago, when I asked him for a contact specialist to check on the tumor in my throat that prevented me to go on tour with the play "Citizen TWAIN"," wrote Kilmer. According to him, the tumor was not cancerous.

    Kilmer expressed the hope that his message will put an end to conversations about the health of the actor once and for all.

    Earlier, the actor Michael Douglas during an interview with TV presenter Jonathan Ross announced that Kilmer is struggling with throat cancer, and "going through hard times." "I pray for him. Because of illness we see so little of Val in the audience today," said Douglas.

    A solo performance of Kilmer's "Citizen TWAIN" (Citizen Twain) was first presented to the public in April 2012. It is dedicated to the life of American writer Mark TWAIN. The show was created by Kilmer in preparation for the filming of "mark TWAIN and Mary Baker eddy", on which work has not yet started.

    Val Kilmer known for the role of Jim Morrison in "the doors" by Oliver stone, and he also played Batman in the film Joel Schumacher's "Batman forever."


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