• Host of the show "live" Boris korchevnikov will lead the Orthodox channel "Spas"

  • Leading talk-show "pryamoy Efir" on "Russia 1" Boris korchevnikov in the near future will become the head of the Orthodox TV channel "Spas". About it "lente.Roo" said the channel's General Director Boris Kostenko.

    According to him, the decision on the appointment Korchevnikov took the founders of the channel. Kostenko himself would continue working on TV as his Deputy. "As far as I know, claims to my work there", — said the acting CEO.

    Korchevnikov will head the channel, but what specific position he will formally occupy (CEO, editor-in-chief or winproducer), has not been determined. "In fact, he is the first person in the channel, and I the second," explained Kostenko. The media Manager said that his Koschevnikovi associated with the "long-standing and warm relationship".

    Plans 34-year-old host to leave "live" it became known in February. It was reported that korchevnikov can go to another project in March.

    Korchevnikov conducts a talk show on "Russia 1" in 2013. He graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow state University. After graduation she worked at NTV, starred in the TV series "kadetstvo" which was the creative producer of the channel STS, preparing documentaries for NTV, CTC, TV channel "Russia" and "TV-Center".


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