• In the protective field of the Earth has discovered a crack

  • Astrophysics of the Tata Institute of fundamental research discovered the crack in the earth the magnetosphere, protecting the planet from cosmic rays and solar radiation. It originated from a giant cloud of plasma that was ejected from the outer layers of the solar atmosphere (corona). On opening, the scientists reported in an article published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

    22 Jun 2015 muon telescope of the GRAPES-3 located in Ooty in India, has registered a surge of galactic cosmic rays (GCR) with energies around 20 GeV (20 billion electron volts). The GCR activity lasted for two hours and coincided with the collision of the magnetosphere with a coronal mass ejection mass.

    The collision caused compression of the magnetosphere by almost three times. This caused powerful geomagnetic storm that triggered the auroras, interference in radio signals in countries located at high latitudes.

    Computer simulations showed that the burst of the GCR occurred due to the temporary occurrence of cracks in the protective field of the Earth, which, in turn, formed due to magnetic reconnection. The latter is a process of restructuring of magnetic field lines, resulting in the Earth's atmosphere penetrated particles of cosmic rays.

    Galactic cosmic rays are called elementary particles and atomic nuclei moving with high energy in space. They occur in supernova explosions of stars and are thrown out of active pulsars.


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