• In the Arctic perpetuate the memory of Soviet soldiers and Norwegian partisans

  • In Murmansk region the veterans of the FSB from "the Shield" has established more than 130 monuments and 200 memorial plates in honor of the Soviet soldiers and Norwegian partisans who fought with the Nazis in the far North. About it reports TASS with reference to the Chairman of the "Shield", the former General of FSB Gennady Guryleva.

    The first obelisk was installed by enthusiasts in Port-Vladimir, an abandoned village on a small island in the Kola Bay. Monuments it was decided to make red color, they are attached plates with the names of the victims. A large part of the monuments established on the Rybachy and Sredny peninsulas on the coast of the Barents sea, where fierce fighting with the Wehrmacht.

    One of the memorable signs established on the territory of Norway, Cape town Langrune under the Cyborg. In September 1941, on the territory occupied by the German troops of the Kingdom were neglected and sabotage group, consisting of Norwegian partisans and Soviet soldiers. In the course of the assignment, the group suffered losses. Another obelisk "Shield" plans to supply Norwegian Persian fjord, where also fought the Norwegian-Soviet groups.

    In August 2016 the researchers reported about the discovery in the Russian Arctic secret Nazi base. The facility is located on the island Alexandra Land, part of the archipelago of Franz-Joseph. Among other things, the researchers found a large number of military equipment, bottles of fuel, and canned food.


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